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Recommended Tackle

12 Hour Mudhole Trips & 14 Hour Wreck-a-thons

18 Hour Offshore Sea Bass - Cod - Pollock - Porgy Trips

Jigmaster size reel or equivalent up to size 4/0 reel with 30lb. or 40lb. test line. Size 2/0 to 4/0 hooks for bait rigs with 8oz. to 12oz. sinker.

8oz. to 16oz. diamond jigs with 9/0 teaser tied 2 feet above jig.

3/0 or 4/0 Reel with 40lb. test line. Size 4/0 - 6/0 hooks for bait rigs with 16oz. to 20oz. sinker.

12oz. to 16oz. diamond jigs with 9/0 or 10/0 teaser tied 2 feet above jig for Pollock.


"NE Wreck Trips" & "20-40 Mile Wreck Trips"

Block Island Cod Trips

NE Wreck Trips are fishing wrecks 60 – 100 miles from Brielle. 150’ – 200’ of water. 4.5 – 6 hour riding time.

20-40 mile Wreck Trips are fishing wrecks in approx. 150’ – 200’ of water.  1 - 2.5 hours riding time.
Rod and reel

20-50lb 7-8ft rod with a Penn Jigmaster, 3/0 or 4/0 sized reel with 40lb mono or 65lb – 80LB braid.

Cod rigs:

High /Low 2 hook Cod rig 60LB - 80lb leader  5/0 - 7/0 baitholder hooks on 6in dropper loops.
You can also add blue/silver, Pink , or red skirts. If dogfish are present plain hooks are better. (The dogs really like the green skirts)


Ling can also be present on the wrecks.  A 2/0 baitholder hook on a 12” leader close to the sinker will produce the most ling. If you want to catch ling also use smaller baits. Mackerel or herring are good ling baits, however if dogfish are plentiful stick with clam.

You can also just add the smaller (2/0) hook to your cod rig close to the sinker. The cod and Pollock usually hit above the bottom so you are better off leaving the larger hooks tied above.

Pollock rigs:
10-16 oz Jigs tied on 60 - 80lb leader with a tube teaser tied 2 - 3 feet above on a 6 inch dropper loop. Pollock have also been caught on bait using squid or clam. Use a high-low rig with the high hook tied 4 ft above the sinker.

This is usually not wreck fishing. We will drift or anchor over schools of fish that are feeding on herring, mackerel, or sand eels. They will be caught on 5/0-7/0 hooks baited with clams and can be taken on jigs as well.
It will be about a 6 -7 hour ride. Fishing 100’ to 150’ of water.
Rod & Reel
I recommend a 7ft - 8ft 30-60lb cod rod or similar with a Penn 4/0 sized reel loaded with 40-50lb mono line or 65-80lb braid.  You will be using 10-20 oz. sinkers. 
Most of the cod are under 20lbs and most are 5-12lbs.

The best rig is a two hook rig about 4’ long with 5/0 – 6/0 baitholder hooks. Skirts, 3” squid or curly tail grubs in pink, white, chartreuse or blue and silver can be added to the hooks. The hooks are on 6 inch dropper loops using 60LB - 80lb test mono.

Jigs can also be productive. Use 10-16oz hammered and Viking jigs tied on a leader with a teaser.

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